Liqueur de Feeling
Liqueur de feeling is Marianne Robiou´s first musical incarnation as such she released her first EP titled Dreamland.
The Canaries islands where it was conceived and produced remains a constant source of her inspiration as well as traveling, emotions and a positive attitude towards life.
Marianne Robiou knows how to get surrounded by excellent musicians Tenerife has to offer, she met them during multiple live performances. Her voice and original tracks quickly gathered attention from medias (radio, tv...) that helped her promote it on numerous occasions.
Thanks to her experience and know-how, each song on this album resonates with delight and sheer pleasure. Each of the six tracks is original material and covers fields as diverse as traditional jazz, bossa nova or even funk, sparkled with her silky voice, expressing her deepest feelings.
Marianne and Liqueur de feeling have had many opportunities to charm the audience of intimate venues as well as big festival crowds during remarquable performances.
In June 2016 Marianne propose her second album with a double launching with a single “S’évader” and her second album “Mademoiselle Electroswing”, released with a new video clip from the album first song called “Start it all again” where one will once again find her refreshing message: positivity, freedom, in one word happiness as a philosophy of life.
With famous producer Bebo Best at the controls, this new set of songs loom towards electroswing and more contemporary, electronic sounds.
The new record release 11 originals brand new tracks.

Stay tuned, the story goes On and On!
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"The debut album of Marianne with Liqueur de Feeling"